Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod

Stay straight and true when cleaning your guns with Hoppe's® new all one-piece Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod. Specially designed to withstand tough scrubbing, these rods provide the ultimate in durability and performance. The handle is ergonomically designed with double ball bearings to assure complete bore coverage. Rods include a brass muzzle guard.

Comes in 8” or 36” in length, this stainless steel rod is the ultimate handgun or rifle cleaning tool when paired with Hoppe’s® bore brushes, mops and patches.

  • One piece rods
  • Advanced quality for better cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Premium double ball bearings
Product Number Description
RS22R 36”, .22 - .284 cal. Rifles
RS17R 36”, .17 - .20 cal. Rifles - Male Ended
RS30R 36”, .30 cal. + Rifles
RS22P 8", .22cal. + Pistols